About four hundred thousand million years ago, the KRAKEN was killed by Johnny Depp, who has recently bought Black Kraken rum, to make it way better than Sailor Jerry's and Captain Morgan's combined, which is a terrible drink, slightly better than Captain Morgan by itself, and ways worse than Sailor Jerry's. It's cheaper than you would think, and thankfully, no one has to know, how obviously

he was an elder god from the universe of time, created by ZEUS time forged, by himself, that one and others, called the Stranger... Final Fatality is the ventured fate of all monsters, as they're, unsung? They were never sung, but that they are attacked to humanity that you could believe them animals, so share if everyone was a god, is to be, cannot be made sick, evil never would be, but we only define god so that evil was present, so take peace, and drive your humanity katana blade into the foul beasts, for metal sung will drive time from them, and they will no longer think, they can be. Even travelling back in time, you can never find the kraken, it is gone.

Beware sea serpents, for crocodiles will grow, in the ocean, lose their legs to fights because they exist only for agony, and mermaids have been known to dare challenge fasten glimmering face masks to sea serpents, to keep them from growing

Welcome to TEENSWORLD ENCYCLAPEDIA, good luck!